Revolving Box type Baling Press

Platform TravelFirst Stage : 1400
Final Stage : 1100
Clear Heights between Fixed & Moving Platforms
( When Moving Platforms are at Top Positions )
First Stage :2365
Final Stage :1485
Overall Size of the System
( including receiver but excluding power pack and control panels)
4000 (L) x 3080 (W) x 5270 (H) mm approx.
Gross weight of the system
( including power pack/silos and panels )
8500 Kg s. approx.
Surface speed of the conveyor670 mm/sec
Motor Speed1440 RPM
Height of material feeding point from floor700 mm
Specification for hydraulic oil
(To be filled in the tank)
Servo system 68 or equivalent
Motors for Power pack (2 Nos.)7.5 HP & 5 HP - 1440 RPM (each 1 No.
Motor for lattice conveyor5HP, 1440 RP
Material for processingSorted Cotton
Finished bale size1200 (L) x 450 (W) x 560 (H) ±50mm
Bale weight/density90-110 kgs/300 kgs./ Cu. Mt.
Productivity5 to 6 bales/hr. (max.)
Feed rate of the lattice conveyor400-600 Kgs/hr. (approx.)